There are a lot of reasons today why publishers are going digital. One, you have the proliferation of many ebook devices. It is cheap and it is convenient to carry around. There are people who will opt to download books instead of buying them. Remember that piracy is quite easy these days. And also, many are selling ebooks that are cheaper.

Another reason why a lot of publishers today are going digital already is the fact that they can still make money from the World Wide Web. You can post contents and make money from advertisements. You can also start making a website wherein readers will have to pay for a monthly subscription. And for this reason, many publishing houses are now exploring ways on how they can generate an income using the World Wide Web.

Next, you can also build hype using digital marketing methods. It means that people can just have the option to buy the ebook and they will directly get it. The reality is times are changing when it comes to the publishing trends and methods. The World Wide Web is the next frontier given the development of today’s tech.