A lot of aspiring authors still want to get signed by a publishing house and have a deal for their book. In reality, it isn’t exactly easy. One, you have to consider the changing times. You have to understand that there are some instances when you need to also be creative. Next, you need to understand that a lot of publishing houses are quite hesitant to invest mainly because of the lack of sales. Now, why would they risk on your work? You need to first show them that you have a following.

There are some authors who resort to publishing their own content first. How does it work? There are those authors like Mark Manson who has their own blog. What they do is write content on their website and build their following at the same time. It is also a good idea to have your own website because it can also be an additional income. Here, you can generate income from advertisements or from sponsors. You can also make use of premium content that only members can read. A lot of times, you just have to be creative when it comes to getting noticed by publishers.